January 20, 2013

Naming Conventions for Report objects, Data Sources, and Datasets

Use naming conventions for data sources and datasets that document the source of data.
  1. Data sources. If you do not want to use an actual server or database due to security reasons, use an alias that indicates to the user what the source of data is.
    1. Start with DS and followed by databasename(Avoid server name as this will change during the deployment) (e.g. DS_AdventureWorks)
  2. Datasets. Use a name that indicates which data source it is based on.
    1. Start with DT and followed by datasorurce name and followed by meaningful name about the dataset (e.g. DT_DS_AdventureWorks_Customerinfo)
All the Report items should be named with three letter abbreviation(as shown below) followed by a meaningful name
E.g. the name of a Tablix which shows the policy summary will be “TBXPolicySummary”
Report Item Three letter Abbreviation
Text Box TXT
Line LNE
Table TBL
Matrix MTX
Rectangle REC
List LST
Image IMG
SubReport SRE
Chart CHT
Gauge GGE
DataBar DTB
Sparkline SLN
Indicatior IND

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